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Baby Bib Waterproof with Pocket

Are you tired of always cleaning the stains on your baby's clothes?

Want a simple, time saving solution to deal with those food incidents? Looking for cute and cute baby gifts? Introducing the best silicone baby bibs for "happy and healthy parents"!

Now, you can finally save time, cost, and most importantly, you can use the most practical tools. ,we know!

This is why we use awesome silicone bibs to simplify your life and your clothes. Our cute silicone bib is equipped with a large open front pocket, which prevents your child's clothes from getting dirty, and messy water droplets are easy to fall off. The best part? The silicone we use has 100% water resistance, food safety and stain resistance, so you can be sure that the bib will not absorb water or food. *In young babies, do not put the bib on the child's skin, because the texture of silicone may cause slight irritation. Why choose a low-quality conventional bib when there is a safe and worry-free alternative?

The interesting design and super fashionable colors of our high-quality silicone bibs will make you and your children like it. The design of the baby bib for happy and healthy parents pays attention to details, is soft, flexible and very practical. In addition, we know that your time is precious, so our elite bibs can be cleaned with pure soapy water to maximize comfort.

In this way, you don't have to wash and dry your baby's bib. They will always be available! Meal time will become your child's favorite time!

Name: Silicone Bib
Fabric: food grade silicone
Heat resistance range: -20-120℃
Weight: about 78g
Size: about 22.5*32.5cm/8.86*12.8inch
Style: see picture

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